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Do you see mistakes in your writing? We generally do not and that is the reason why one should use Grammarly. Why should we use this tool when we can write much better?  This is the common misconception that we all have. We do mistakes but we are unable to recognize them and so our writing does not become flawless. The usage of this tool will make our writing flawless and it will also help our e-mails or online writings to be perfectly drafted.


Do You Know Fact #1:  It helps to make the reading experience good

How would you like to read a book or a writing which has spelling mistakes and grammatical errors? You definitely would not like to read those. After reading some pages you will never feel like touching the book or the writing again. If the writing had been edited using this software then there would not have been such errors and your reading experience would have been better. This software helps to improve the reading experience of a reader.

Do You Know Fact #2:  It is an automated proofreader and checks grammar and plagiarism

Their lots of thing Grammarly can do. Let us see some so that we can understand how versatile this software is.

  • It automatically scans the text and comes out with a suggestion where necessary changes can be made.
  • It also keeps an eye on the word count. It helps you to break long sentences into shorter ones keeping the meaning same.
  • It also helps your text to be plagiarism free. This is essentially required if you are writing a content for a website SEO.
  • Al this can be just done by adding this software to your web browser or installing it on to your computer.



Improving writing standard

This is a tool that corrects your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. But this is also done by Word so why use this software. The main difference with this software is this that it explains why that is a mistake and does not only rectify it. So, you as a writer know the reason behind the mistake and you will definitely be cautious when you write next time. This will improve the writing standard of yours.

Helps to lessen the usage of the same words

We all have the tendency to use the same words often. This makes reading the writing to be boring. If one uses this software it will let one know the commonly used words and suggest words that can replace those. Using Grammarly for some time will make us aware of those words and their replacements. In the next writing, we will tend not to use those words but the replacement words that were suggested by this software.

Helps to write plagiarism free

The software helps to make your writing plagiarism free. This is really helpful for online writers or for those who are writing contents for websites.


It can easily be seen how useful the usage of Grammarly is to improve the writing standard of anyone.

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