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powtoon group buy
powtoon group buy

PowToon is a video editing tool designed to help businesses to create animated videos and presentations for marketing, HR, IT, training, & more. With a large variety of pre-built templates and a drag and drop editor, PowToon allows businesses and teams to create fully customized presentations.

PowToon is a video-making platform for creating engaging, animated videos and presentations with zero design skills or technical background. Users can choose from a range of over 100 presentation templates for different purposed and customize the templates with company branding, content, and visuals. With PowToon users also have access to a library of royalty-free music, objects, and videos, to enhance their creations.

The enterprise edition of PowToon can be used across HR, IT, customer support, or other teams for internal communications, training and development, and marketing and sales. Team members can create engaging videos and presentation to facilitate communications, training, social media posts, online campaigns, and more. Teams can also collaborate on presentation creation with shared media libraries and asynchronous editing.

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