Wordai review – How to use WordAi to create unique content for your website

Wordai review - How to use WordAi to create unique content for your website

If you own many blogs or niche websites, and need new content daily, you will have searched Google for auto spinners or similar terms. This WordAi review will reveal what this tool can do and how it compares with its competitors.

Many website owners don’t have the time to regularly publish new content. Writing content can be a tedious task, especially if you are a solo webmaster with many websites.

It may be a smart decision to hire someone to create content for your websites. You probably don’t have the money to pay for something like this. You’ve probably thought of an auto or article spinner at least once.

A tool that automatically rewrites content would be useful in this instance. What person wouldn’t want to be able to take text from the internet, and then use an automatic spinner or content-rewriter to create unique text?

WordAi is it really so good? Does it produce quality spun content? WordAi has been tested for me and I’m ready to share my opinions.

WordAi Review

wordai review
wordai review

WordAi can rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs to create unique content. It can be used in English, Spanish and French (but the new version only supports English). This is one of the most popular tools for writing content.

WordAi can distinguish between words and find synonyms that make sense, according to its official webpage. It not only understands the meaning of each word, but it also knows how each word interacts.

It will search for ways to rewrite the article according to what it really means. WordAi will often completely rewrite sentences so that they have nothing in common with their original sentence.

WordAi checks every article before it starts spinning. This allows it to get a complete understanding of the content. WordAi can create advanced paragraph- and document-level spins thanks to its amazing understanding of the content. This makes content appear human-written.

Logging into your WordAi account will allow you to take advantage the free one day trial. This will give you a brief introduction to WordAi and its capabilities. You can then test the tool without paying anything. WordAi is worth the investment after three days.

WordAi can be integrated with many tools via API. WordAi had three types of spinner: Standard, Turing and Foreign Language Spinner. The interface has been greatly simplified with the new version.

Word AI: How Word Works?

We’ve covered Word AI basics, now it’s time for us to explore the more complex aspects of the platform. We have used the platform and we can now show you how it works.



Here is the “Rewrite articles “interface. It’s very simple and easy to follow. You will notice the “Number Of Rewrites”option at the bottom. This allows you to select the number of variants you wish to obtain from one rewrite. It’s possible to choose from up to 1000 rewrites .

Lower, you will also find 3 rewriting options: More Conservative, Regular, and More Adventurous.

We don’t know what each option means. However, we assume that More Conservative will give a moderately aggressive rewrite giving the article an increased uniqueness score. More Adventurous will go more aggressively, with rewriting giving it a higher uniqueness. The Regular is a compromise between the two.

You can also see the Import from Article Forgebutton at the top. This is basically an integration with Article Forge. Word AI isn’t able to fetch articles so it provides an integration with a paid platform that can generate articles you can rewrite.

The tab “Rewrite Options” is located on the left-handside.

It is easy to see that there are very few options. You can enter the exact words or phrases you want to stop spinning here. You can also set the software up to recognize and protect URLs, Titles, and Quotes.

You can also select specific synonyms to be used for certain words in the custom synonyms tab.


wordai rewrite
wordai rewrite

We have only copied 3 paragraphs from an article we wish to rewrite. This is so it’s not too complicated. It is not difficult to rewrite the text.

We’ll use the “Regular” option for rewriting. Before we begin, notice the tiny turquoise circle at the bottom right-hand side. This is an extension to Grammarly, a well-known grammar checking tool. It indicates that there are no grammar mistakes in the text.

Word AI claims that their software can not only produce content that looks natural but also fix all grammar errors. Let’s go to “Rewrite” and see how Word AI will rewrite your content.

The rewritten article doesn’t look human-written, as you can see. Word AI claims that they correct grammar errors. However, the rewriting also produced 4 grammar mistakes. This type of content is suitable for link building but we cannot see how it would be appropriate for blog posts.

WordAi Auto Spinner Features

Simple to use: WordAI is extremely user-friendly. Its simple interface and limited features are the reason for this.

Multiple Rewrites at the same time: WordAI allows you to create up to 1000 rewritten versions of one article at a time.

Word AI is fast. It takes only a few seconds for Word AI to rewrite an article. The software generates content in less than one minute, even if you do 1000 spins simultaneously.

Bulk rewrite: Multiple articles can be uploaded and spun at once. For bulk rewrites, you can upload.csv files to your computer or zip.txt files.

API integrations: Word AI can be integrated with other tools such as WP Robot, Kontent Machine and WP RSS Aggregator. Ubot Studio, Licorne AIO and GSA Ser Ranker can also be used to rewrite articles.

Custom synonyms: You can replace one name or phrase automatically with another using custom synonyms. You can also create your own custom synonyms list for any word or phrase

Protected words: You can be set to protect against rewriting. These words can include titles, URLs or targeted keywords.

Copyscape integration: Word AI generates a uniqueness score for each article you rewrite. This represents CopyScape metrics.


WordAi begins by rewriting every sentence multiple times. It then rephrases every sentence variation at the phrase or word level. WordAi can generate as many as 1,000 unique, high-quality rewrites using this method.

WordAi allows you to view the entire spintax when you spin content. Below you’ll see spintax versions that were generated using the spintax.

You can edit the source (spintax), to correct any errors if you don’t enjoy a specific part of the spun content.

The same process can be used for inappropriate words and phrases until you get the content exactly as you want. WordAi is useless if you have to manually edit spintax.

Bulk Rewrite

wordai bulk rewrite
wordai bulk rewrite

Bulk rewrite works exactly like a standard one. You can use bulk import to add your articles in batch. Upload a.csv file or a zip file along with your articles.

Saved Articles

wordai saved content
wordai saved content

You will find the Account menu. This will take you to a page that contains all your saved articles.

You can see that there are files from the past. Clicking on the name will take you to the rewrite page. Here you can edit your content.

You can also view, export, or delete files.

WordAi Pricing Plans

wordai price
wordai price

WordAi has two pricing options. Monthly pricing plans cost $57 per month, and annual $27/month when billed annually. You will receive the same features regardless of which pricing plan you choose.

WordAi also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If WordAi does not meet your expectations, you will always be able to get a refund.

A Custom plan includes all the standard features and additional perks. Customized rewrites is the most intriguing feature. This allows you to disable or enable certain rewrite options.

WordAi Group Buy

wordai group buy
wordai group buy

If you don’t have too much money, try buying WordAI group buy at Pitorr

Pitorr has 2 options, of which there are 2 main options for you to choose from:

Trial: $1/day to test our shared system
Monthly: 8$

When you buy at Pitorr, you get instant access, no extension needed.

WordAi Pros & Cons

Word AI is just like any article rewriter. Word AI comes with its pros and cons. We found more negatives than benefits when we looked at the price of their service.


Word AI’s user experience is excellent. It is well designed and produces excellent work quickly. It also allows for side-by-side comparisons, making it easy to compare original articles with rewritten ones.

Some of the best features include Word AI’s bulk rewriting, word security, custom synonyms and Spintax view. Copyscape integration is also available.

Free trial: Even though a 3-day trial might seem short, it’s still a nice opportunity to test the platform for free.


Average quality rewriting. Word AI claims it can produce human-quality articles. However, in reality, its quality is not that of the average article spinner online.

Manual rewriting is not available: You cannot manually choose from the suggested words, phrases and sentences.

Word AI lacks many features: Word AI is not as feature-rich as other article spinners. Manual rewriting, article fetching stock photo & videos integration list reordering grammar and spelling checks blog submissions and many other features are all included.

It lacks guidance: Although this software is easy to use, it can also be confusing due to its lack of guidance. There should be tutorials and a FAQ section in the Help Center.

This platform is too expensive: Given the high quality of Word AI’s rewriting services, it seems excessively priced. Even more so when we know there are cheaper article rewriters.

Word AI does not offer a lifetime membership. Word AI offers only monthly and annual subscriptions if you are looking to continue using the article spinner.

WordAi Summary

WordAi’s automatic spinning capabilities are fantastic. However, the tool has its limitations when it is time to manually alter the spintax.

As you can see, WordAi does actually produce decent content for software. There’s still a lot to be done, but I don’t see any machine generating A in human languages.

Content will usually maintain a high quality but it is possible for it to look sloppy and need manual editing. WordAi can produce impressive output if it “understands” the content.

It is still too much to expect a published article to be unique and readable by others. It all depends on what the source is.

WordAi is easy to use and integrates with most of the top online marketing tools. WordAi is a good choice because it provides usable content. However, the content isn’t very original. It will give you an 80-90% uniqueness score. However, you can still see the similarities when you compare original and spun articles.

In conclusion

WordAi is an excellent tool for content generation. It is fast, intuitive, and produces high-quality content. WordAi is a great tool for increasing productivity. It’s fast and intuitive, and it can help you rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs in a matter of seconds. With WordAi, you can get new, unique content that will help you achieve your goals.