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JungleScout Group Buy Seo Tool Functions 

Have you ever required assistance in researching products on Amazon? If you have, then you need to discover the Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is a powerful research tool which analyses product opportunities for Amazon sellers

Facts about Jungle Scout

It is one of the most powerful product research tools:

Jungle Scout is a powerful and accessible web app which allows you to effortlessly search and analyze thousands of items, their cost, revenue, ranking, previous seller, demand, reviews etc.

Features of the software

  • Jungle Stock focuses on making your Amazon search as easy as possible
  • It is available as an extension on Google Chrome. You can search for a specific item on Amazon in Chrome and simply select Jungle Scout. You will get all the information you need to know about the product
  • It provides a free product tracker which makes your search automatic and easier. You can search new products based on your older preference and can also observe your competitors pace.
  • Its new feature called the “Niche Hunter” is the easiest way of finding specific opportunities on Amazon. You can select your desired requirement like category, price, monthly demand, level of competition etc and Jungle Scout can easily return searches related to your requirements
  • It allows you to add products to your ‘product tracker’ so that you can easily review and compare one product with another
  • When applied to an Amazon product search, it gives nine details about different brands of said products:
  1. Brand
  2. Price
  3. Category
  4. Rank
  5. estimate sales (per month)
  6. estimate revenue (p/m)
  7. reviews
  8. Ratings
  9. buy box seller


  • Jungle Stock is available in two versions, Lite and Pro.

In the Lite version, which costs $87, you are able to view all the nine details mentioned above about a product. Using the Pro version ($147), you get to use additional product columns like Item weight, FBA Fee, # of seller etc.



 Advantages and Services of Jungle Scout

  • Easy to use

Jungle Scout is very easy to use. Features like Niche Hunter and product tracker makes product search easier and more efficient. Its availability as a Chrome browser extension also makes it easily accessible.

  • Onetime expense

Either you purchase Lite or Pro version of the tool, it is a onetime expense. You don’t have to pay for any additional purchases or subscriptions

  • New and multiple products at a time

Using Jungle Stock, you can view multiple products and their details at a given time. It also provides you with new products or new information like change in revenue, price etc of a given product

  • Download

You can download all the information about any product that you require and save it offline for later use.

  • Share screenshots

You can share generic screenshots of products and their details with others using this tool

  • Details of item variations

Jungle Stock is a wonderful app that provides you with all the information about a product. It also helps you in comparing different products or a different brand of products from one another.


Jungle Stock is an excellent tool for product research. It is very easy to use and both the versions are very user-friendly. Albeit a bit expensive, Jungle Stock is a fantastic tool and recommended for use.

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